The American dream is still alive for a few, but for the average person it's a traditional dying dream. Why, well it's our fault you and I. We have allowed the capital in "Capitalism" to flow to the top and we are stuck with the "ism". We have allowed our supposed representatives to pass laws favoring big business Not only have they bankrupted America but now the world.

Diane Feinstein had 92k responses come into her office in reference to the bailout package and 85k said don't do it. That's something like 92% of the people and not only did she vote Yes but the tacked another 150 billion on top of the 700 billion for good measure. Then she had the nerve to say that 92% of the people didn't understand, I guess there just stupid.

This is just one of many examples of the arrogance we see in recent times.

I try to stay with my preferred subject (Health) but I think a individuals health correlates with the health of this nation. Now it's so ridiculous with so many talk show on TV and radio, but no action. When is enough enough?

Now were at the point where Big Government and Big Business are really big. It is going to take some Big action to straighten this out.

There is a place just started called AOA (Awareness Organize Action) that has a plan for action and the test is to see if there is any fight left in the average American citizen.

Click Here ( to read on or will we just let this country slip into another "ism". We will see.