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September 1, 2020
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Make the Switch to a Paperless Office

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There was once a time when a business needed to have computers, printers, fax machines, shredders, copy machines, file cabinets and more to just keep business running each and every day. Paper were printed, sent, faxed, saved and stored for years taking up both space and leaving the data unsecure and open for theft. Today, thanks to the advances made in paperless office technology, the business does not have to print a paper, shred a document or send a paper fax.

The Solutions Available With the Paper Less Office

The paper less office is built around the Internet and Internet based technology. When a business utilizes the suite of software programs and applications available to the business, they no longer have to print and store large amounts of paper documents. The paperless office can take advantage of emailing, efaxing, and virtual data solutions.

Snail mail is a thing of the past and businesses are stepping up to the plate using email more frequently than ever before. Using email for daily communication decreases the amount of paper used in the office, reduces business expenses normally spent on paper, envelopes and stamps and decreases the amount of time needed for response to communication.

Efaxing works hand in hand with emailing. The Efax solutions available for a business maintain the ability to send and receive fax communications without ever hitting a real fax machine. The virtual fax is sent using an email client and a fax number for the receiver. Efax also allows the company to provide a virtual fax number. When a fax is sent to the phone number, the paper fax is rendered in a digital format and sent to the email address on file.

Virtual data solutions allows the business to keep and save all personal information and important documents on a secure virtual server. The company no longer needs to keep locking files of paper information when the virtual server is used for storing data.

Saving Money With a Paper Less Office

The idea behind a paperless office is about more than just making business communication easier. When a company moves from using reams of paper to a completely digital format, the money saved is huge on the bottom line of the business. Paper, printer upkeep, ink, toner, fax paper are all subtracted from the monthly expense bill. Some small companies can spend up to $2500 a month on paper supplies alone.

Another added benefit of a paperless office is the effect on the environment. With less paper usage means less trees being cut down to create paper. With a huge green movement hitting planet Earth right now, the paperless office is a great, green solution.

Your office has been limited by the constraints of paper for far too long. The technology now exists to rid your business from the need for paper and paper related communication. Today, emailing, efaxing and virtual data protection is the best choice, the right choice for both mother Earth and your monthly budget.


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