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March 15, 2020
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4 Popular Options For Receiving Microsoft Office Training

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Running a successful business requires more than operational efficiencies, a recognizable brand, or even the best products. At the core of any successful organization are the people who are responsible for daily operations. From the finance department to marketing and sales, your company's employees represent your most valuable resources. The more knowledgeable they are about the tools that allow them to do their jobs, the more effective they'll be in fulfilling their responsibilities. By providing your staff with software training, you can help them leverage those tools. Below, we'll explore the 4 most popular options for receiving Microsoft Office training.

#1 - Books And CDs

Books and CDs that provide software instruction continue to sell briskly. They offer the lowest upfront investment and allow "students" to learn an application at their own pace. However, there are a few potential drawbacks. First, most software-related books and CDs suffer from too general a perspective or take an exhaustive approach that overwhelms the reader. Neither is appropriate for employees who need to build specific proficiency. Second, while the upfront investment is low, the long-term cost may be prohibitive. Without the individual guidance of a trained instructor, many people will flounder.

#2 - Online Classes

Online classes are a better solution for Microsoft Office training than instructional books or CDs. Most of the courses provide a platform that encourages discussion and facilitates interactive, hands-on practice sessions. Not only does that allow your employees to apply their new knowledge in a controlled environment, but it also provides them with access to a trained instructor. The main disadvantage is that your employees will need to conform to the general focus of the class. In other words, online classes are normally targeted to a broader base; if your employees only need to build specific skills, much of their time will be wasted.

#3 - On-Site Instruction

Microsoft Office training that is provided through on-site instruction is one of the most effective ways to build proficiency. In most cases, the software training is given by a certified Microsoft provider. Also, the course curriculum can be customized according to the specific needs of your staff. If they only need to learn the basic principles of the software, an introductory class may be appropriate. On the other hand, if your employees need to develop advanced skills that are particular to their workplace responsibilities, an individual class setting may be suitable.

#4 - Advanced Boot Camps

A few of your employees may need specialized Microsoft Office training that can only be delivered through an advanced boot camp. In most cases, this high-level instruction is designed for IT professionals and other staff who are responsible for maintaining network integrity or providing technical support. Similar to on-site instruction, advanced boot camps emphasize hands-on experience, practical application, and the development of specialized skills. They're usually conducted in a specially-equipped facility and offer individual attention from an experienced trainer.

Getting The Most From Microsoft Office Training

Learning to use any software application can be frustrating, depending upon the level of support provided. That's the reason why most people find instructional books and CDs ineffective; the information they need is usually buried. Often, it's not even included. Online classes offer a platform that is more conducive to learning. Unfortunately, they still lack the focus that your employees may need.

On-site Microsoft Office training is more efficient, effective, and specialized than books, CDs, or online classes. It can be customized so that your employees learn the skills they need, rather than wasting valuable time. Plus, they'll have access to a certified trainer who can address specific questions about the software. Once your employees build the proficiency they need to perform their jobs, an advanced boot camp can take their skill set to the next level.

While on-site Microsoft Office training classes and boot camps require a larger investment, they offer long-term value that eventually pays for itself.


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