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April 16, 2020
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4 Rules for a More Professional-looking Workplace

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For those who work in small, cramped spaces or home offices, achieving a sense of professionalism can be hard. The lack of space can often make an office look cluttered and confusing, and a home office can tend to look more like a home than an office. So what can one do to improve these situations?

Below are a few rules to follow in order to achieve a more professional-looking workplace no matter where or what size. These rules are guaranteed to give your office a much needed make-over and the right professional look that will help you become more productive at work and attract more clients.

Rule 1: Keep it neat and clean. This is a principal rule for any space, but it is even more important for offices that need to look professional. Stacks of papers, coffee cup rings on tables and post-its on every visible surface just don't convey a message of professionalism in a workplace. To keep a workplace neat and clean, take note of the following:

* Have your workplace cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, etc.) at least once a week.
* Have your workplace well-lit. Not only will it save your eyes from strain, it will save your workplace from looking suspicious and unreliable.
* Keep things organised: books must be arranged on a shelf, papers must be filed properly and office supplies must be in one area.
* Litter must be thrown in proper wastebaskets.
* Food products including drinks must be disposed of properly. Coffee cups and mugs should not be left around work spaces.
* Don't use post-its, unless it is your brand. Opt for electronic reminders instead - they are neater, cleaner and they save on paper.
* Don't collect unnecessary accessories. As cute as cat figurines may be, they do not belong in a professional workplace. If you must have a collection of sorts with you, at least make sure they are stored neatly in a cabinet.

Rule 2: Keep it simple. Next to cleanliness, workplace decors are the next big factor that determines the air of professionalism in an office. When decorating your workplace, simple is always better. Limit colours to two or three hues, and avoid too bright colours. Keep to a single, professional theme.

When it comes to furniture, opt for clean, classy and functional pieces rather than big and bulky ones. Same goes for office supplies and accessories. You can keep personal and/or inspirational mementos around; just make sure they are tasteful and not too overwhelming.
Before any decorating can begin in your office, make sure you are not breaking any rules by asking your superiors of the limitations when it comes to office decorating.

Rule 3: Keep it from being too homey. This is a common problem especially with stay-at-home workers. Because their office is so close to home, they tend to meld the two. And sometimes office workers can do this as well. They work most hours of the week and miss the comforts of home so much that they start to bring the comforts of home to the office, starting with small and familiar accessories all the way to fluffy bedroom slippers.

While there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel a little more comfortable at work, when it comes to differentiating the workplace and home there's a fine line that really should not be crossed. Having homey things in the office not only makes it look messy and unprofessional, it can also be very disruptive to your work. So make sure to keep the homey things in the workplace at a very bare minimum.

Rule 4: Keep it branded. In line with keeping the decorations to a single theme, try to also keep within your brand. Making your brand evident and constant in name badges, door signs and workstation signs helps to keep an overall image of professionalism within the workplace, and will constantly remind employees and clients of what you stand for. Online companies like Smart Edge Badges make excellent name badges, door signs and workstation signs for offices, and the great thing is you only need to contact this one company for all your office signage needs and there are no minimum orders.

So whether you're a start-up business making the most of a small office or a home-based worker, you can always make the most of your space and look just as professional as every other big business with these top tips.


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