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October 27, 2020
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Educational Software For Kids

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Educational software for kids has become very popular today with parents choosing to invest in these relatively inexpensive educational tools to aid their child's development. Be it reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary or math, educational software makes learning fun and engaging for your child.

Here's a brief review of the most popular educational software for kids.

Educational Software for Toddlers

Reader Rabbit - Playtime for Baby &Toddler: Mat the Mouse is hiding inside a toy box and with his help, your baby will be guided into several educational experiences including music, shapes, singing, rhymes and stories.

Dr. Seuss Toddler: Hosted by the Cat in the Hat, the seven fun activities in this software will teach your kids mouse control, numbers, colours, shapes and letters.

Muppet Babies Toyland Train: Featuring the all time kid-favourite Muppet Babies, this software, with the help of Kermit the Frog, teaches your baby about animals, body parts, colours and much more!

Educational Software for Nursery School

Jump Start Kindergarten: With 16 engaging puzzles and games, this software helps your child learn over 20 skills including counting, time telling, word identification, pre-reading, sequencing and colours.

Dr. Seuss Kindergarten: Gerald McGrew is looking for some unique animals for his zoo and your child can help him through 250 adventurous learning activities that build skills such as like listening, memory, early reading and logic.

Smart Steps Kindergarten: An animated, funny Australian accented pencil guides your child through 100 different activities. Your child can explore a typical kindergarten classroom by moving the mouse while learning about directions, nature, numbers and words.

Educational Software for Preschool

Reader Rabbit Personalized Pre-School: Letter names and sounds, counting and numbers, reading and phonics, shapes, colours and spatial relationships are just some of the skill sets this software targets. The software also uses the A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology which adjusts itself to match your child's development. Kids love this one!

Jump Start Preschool: This software helps build over 30 skills including visual memory, differences, phonics, letters, deductive reasoning and listening, through 10 activities. Kids get to explore various play areas guided by beloved characters like Pierre the Bear and Casey Cat.

I Love Phonics: Interactive software that is all about letters, words, phonemes and reading basics. With seven levels of difficulty, 300 age-appropriate words, and 18 word lessons, this software is great for building a solid reading foundation for your kid.

Educational software is a necessity for the tech-savvy millennial children of today. Having a variety of these programmes will keep your child entertained; they also build crucial skills that'll come in handy as your little one takes those first steps towards formal schooling. However, never, ever assume that the software can substitute communication with parents! So, sit down with your child and explore the educational applications with her or him.


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